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The American Security Standard

Learn the ways Eaglefire goes beyond other technology companies to provide First-Class security.

Eaglefire’s exceptional design automatically shields you — no need to have multiple accounts across the internet exposing your security.

We make technologies that empowers you to own your data and have governing control of your online services without giving up civil liberties for security.

While many popular platforms and apps aim to improve internet privacy and security with privacy controls and labels, Eaglefire strives to provide the strongest protections. The following provides a brief overview of the four most important built-in security features that makes Eaglefire's security first-class.

1. The unique security of owning your data.

By design, only Eaglefire provides ultimate security by packaging popular online services together so each person owns their data. The majority of all online services and apps, such as email, messaging, and social networks, claim ownership of all data created by their account holders (users). This enables them to turn their customers into income generating products so they can monetize their services. Further, they use the data to profile their customers, control what information is seen, and do other controlling things such as deleting posted content, comments, and messages. Eaglefire solves the root of the problem by empowering people to reclaim all their civil liberties with their property rights (data ownership).

2. The strength of empowered individualized services.

By design, Eaglefire empowers self-governance of online services. Every time you sign up for an account on the Web or in an app, or during the setup of a new device, you are legally bound to the provider's terms and conditions because they own the service. You are also bound by their content rules, how you may interact with others, etc. Eaglefire makes online services unique to each person, which gives you complete ownership and governing control of them.

3. The power of unified sovereignty.

Unique from other popular platforms, Eaglefire is built on the power of unified self-governance. Most providers have made built-in privacy protections and demonstrate their promises in their marketing. While these approaches can help limit tracking and provide some safety, Eaglefire's approach provides security protection. If one customer's Postmaster experiences a problem, that problem is contained to it, leaving other Postmaster services safe. At the same time, each Postmaster helps all other customers by informing their Postmaster of any cyber threats, attacks, and other malicious activity thus strengthening everyone else’s protection. All of these principles work together in unity to provide you with the best online security.

4. Vaulted Data Property Storage.

Our on-site vaulted storage of digital private property and core systems takes our security to a new industry level. From archived personal data storage to crypto wallet cold storage, we provide strong security to ensure private data property is accessed and handled only by its rightful owners. The vaults are monitored 24/7 and climate controlled with limited secured access.

One more thing...

The above is just a partial list of security features Eaglefire employs by default. Eaglefire protects your security and privacy in many other ways as well, including automated activity monitoring that you can view anytime. Learn more about new security features and protocols by joining our Newsroom on your Messenger network.