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The Secure Citizen

We're on a mission to help Americans know their rights,
own their data, and secure their future.

Individual Rights and Duties

Whether you judge the USA by the social networks you've been on or by your freedom to speak out in public, you are living under a system of government based on the dignity and liberty of the individual, that derives its power from the bottom up rather than from the top down.

This system of living together has been achieved after generations of struggle against the doctrine that some men and women have the inherent right to rule others. It is based on the oldest written constitution in the world still in force. It has been preserved through great idealism – great human sacrifice. Learn the natural Rights we declared is created and given to us by nature's Creator and must be preserved today.

Like the sun in the sky, the continuation of this system is too often taken for granted. Today its flaws are exaggerated and its benefits are being erased. At home, it's weakened by covert foreign interests, destructive activism, and a few generations of cultural and political deception. A time for truthful understanding and revival has arrived. Personal, active participation in the affairs of the nation, the state, the city and the community by all citizens of goodwill and public spirit is our only safeguard for the liberty and freedoms we have so dearly won and enjoyed for several generations.