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You've never experienced a wireless service like this. Ever.

Like a wireless service. Unlike any wireless service. Eaglefire now combines outstanding wireless coverage and performance together with your own cloud and app services. Now you can preserve your liberties and protect your constitutional rights online no matter where you are. It's unbelievable liberty and always original American.

From $14/mo.

Reliable here, there and most everywhere.

Eaglefire Wireless provides reliable and high quality service to 326.5 million people with a network that has been awarded the most industry service awards. It's a network 98% of the nation's population can rely on with 2.56 million miles of coverage. To ensure reliability in times when you and your family need it most, it can withstand most natural disasters and national emergencies. We expect nothing less as your liberty, freedom, safety and protection are our top priorities.

Life's a stream.

Watching TV, live events, the news or movies on your preferred video streaming service is always available. HD-DVD quality video speeds are provided to ensure a smooth and consistent network experience for everyone. Independent media broadcast from websites or video websites are given the same treatment to make sure you don't miss a second.

Are we there yet, Mom?

A quality and consistent connection is essential for every theatrical gaming experience. Eaglefire Wireless provides what game players need to ensure they win the race, achieve the next game level or jump on those bonus points before they pull into the drive through.

Get what you want when you need it.

Traveling on business or a weekend get-away won't leave you wondering if you can stay on top of things. Your Eaglefire is available everywhere you go so you can check your emails, share your photos and videos and access important documents. Have peace of mind with a network you can rely on to send a quick message to your spouse at home or that new contract to your customer.

Your life. Your rights. Your Eaglefire.

Liberty, independence and freedom are inalienable rights given by nature's Creator to all people. Eaglefire Wireless comes with Personal Apps and Cloud no matter which wireless plan you choose. Now everyone has the same free market opportunity to own their personal data, control their app services, and preserve their liberties and privacy online as they pursue a good life as the founders of America intended.

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