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Socialize in freedom. Work in freedom. Own all your data.
Now you can leave all of Big Tech.

Eaglefire is packed with a new world of features that help you connect with others, self-store all your photos and personal data, explore the nation, and be protected by powerful American security - all under your governing control.


Now in beta. Arriving Spring 2022. Post, message, and call with a social network you own and control.

Your data, your rules. PostMaster is a social network owned and controlled by you that respects privacy and puts people (not advertisers nor service providers) in control. Your data belongs to you, and our services design and encryption ensures that.

Video conference on your terms. No third party apps or downloads are required. You can share your screen, chat and upload files, and message colleagues on the go.

Self Storage
Save all your photos, files, contacts, and more on your own online storage. Your photos and videos automatically upload, save, and sync to your Eaglefire storage with strict encryption.

Private Office
Create, edit, and collaborate on documents. Most popular document formats are supported such as Word, Excel and Power Point. Backing up all your photos and files is a sync: install the sync app to your home PC, choose where you want to back up all your data, and let Eaglefire do the rest.

Secure Line
Access to your Eaglefire is secured by our high-speed private network safeguarding your privacy and civil rights. A secure Internet connection you can trust is essential to reclaiming civil liberties at home, on the road, and at the office. Secure Line is a no-tracking service and is available to everything you do with your Eaglefire.

Eaglefire Nation

Similar to the USA's design powered by the states, we are a federation of individual social networks connected to each other. This unique and powerful design outperforms leading technologies and past-popular platforms by empowering individuals with civil liberties, property ownership, and governing authority over their own online networks.

Eaglefire is powered by proprietary technologies, Nextcloud, and Matrix, two proven and powerful decentralized services secured by Eaglefire's American cyber security standards.

* New customers only. Just $10, $20, or $98 after a $1 seven-day trial.
Share your Eaglefire with your family and grow your own network.
Plan automatically renews until cancelled. Terms apply.

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