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Your cloud, your network, your money.
Own all your data.

Your ultimate superpower.

Postmaster is your personal social network, messaging app, media storage, and more on one service owned and controlled by you. Your data property rights and privacy are protected as you connect with others, govern yourself, and stay secured by our powerful American-made cyber security. Explore the top features and see your future is secure independence.

Message and call others on your own network.

Messenger is your own independent messaging network and online calling service. Say goodbye to multiple direct messaging apps, fake accounts, and censor filters as you communicate with others on your own network. Your service, your rules (not advertisers nor service providers). Connecting with others is as easy as replying to their messages, inviting them to chat, or calling their network.

Video conference on your terms. No third party apps or downloads are required. You can share your screen, chat and upload files, and message colleagues on the go. From two to several people on one video call, you can safely meet with others knowing your meetings are secured on your own service. Have a friend or colleague without Postmaster? No problem. You can invite them to a meeting anytime.

Self Storage
Your videos and photos are no longer stuck on a third party cloud service or smartphone. You can automatically upload them from your devices to your Postmaster storage, keep your digital property rights, and maintain privacy. Contacts, calendars, and events stay synchronized too so you can be smartphone, smartwatch, and PC independent.

Private Office
Create, edit, and collaborate on documents. Most popular document formats are supported such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Backing up all your photos and files is a sync: install the sync app to your home PC, choose where you want to back up all your data, and let Postmaster do the rest.

Cyber Secure
Minutemen Cyber Security is the force shield to everything Postmaster. Built on the unique capabilities of Eaglefire's decentralized design, Minutemen Cyber Security includes strict encryption between everyone you interact with and all your cloud data storage. From video-call authentication to access shared content to two-factor device verification and quantum-threat protection, you and America's cyber borders are secure and protected.

Join Us

Similar to the USA's design powered by the states, we are a union of independent online networks connected to each other with common American heritage, values, and security. This unique and powerful design empowers individuals with civil liberties, property ownership, and governing authority over their own online networks while safely socializing with others.

Postmaster is powered by proprietary technologies, Nextcloud, and Matrix, two proven and powerful decentralized services secured by our American cyber and physical security standards.

* New customers only. Postmaster just $10, $20, or $98 per month after a non-refundable $5 fourteen-day trial.
Further Postmaster details available during sign up.
Starspeed internet broadband service available and billed separately at $100 introductory price.
Share your Postmaster with your family and grow your own network.
Plan automatically renews until cancelled. Terms apply.
Questions? Answers.

Postmaster is your personal technology service. It replaces services and accounts you have with big technology companies with your own. For example, instead of having an account on a social network such as TicTok, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Postmaster provides your own social network. You can have as many accounts for you and your family as you want. You connect to your friend's social network when you accept their invitation.

Use Postmaster with your preferred web browser and device apps. You get a website address exclusive to your Postmaster and use that web address when you download and set up apps on your PC, smartphone, and smartwatch.

A monthly subscription is just $10, $20, or $98 after a non-refundable $5 fourteen-day trial. Now you can reclaim all your civil liberties and stop large technology companies from making over $35 Billion with your data and personal information.

Of course. Postmaster lets you share with as many family members as you want. You are limited by the amount of storage space everyone uses.

No. Your Postmaster is your service. You own all the data on it and determine what happens to it.

All your U.S. civil rights are reclaimed with Postmaster. You get property rights over all data, freedom of speech, direct civil rights and responsibility with law enforcement, ultimate privacy and security, and more.

Security is our first priority as we watch for threats online all day every day. All Postmasters are secured by our proprietary American-made cyber security and protocols. Its decentralized design is a stronger defense and offense against hackers, thieves, and other cyber security threats than typical online services.

Postmaster is made to reclaim and protect all your civil liberties online at once. It is designed for personal service, not a shared service where anyone can sign up on the same website or app. This decentralized design solves many problems caused by the centralized design of Big Tech services and alternatives made like them.