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It's everything you do online the way it should be. Your messaging, email, social networking and more is controlled by you, not a big technology company.

All American all the time, EagleFire decentralizes common online services by providing ownership and control of them to individuals, families and businesses. Now you decide who, where and when to connect and share with others online with your own rules, terms and conditions.

Starting at $20/Month

Messaging And Social networking.
Stay connected with family, friends and followers on your own terms and conditions.

EagleFire protects your freedom of speech, property and other rights with your own email, social network, voice and video calling services. You can connect your services with who you trust knowing your posts, comments, messages and calls are always under your control. They stay on your EagleFire and get instantly sent, updated or deleted from your friends services when you want. No one can censor, ban or infringe on your Constitutional rights - they're your services, only you have the keys to them.

Meetings And Webinars.
Get control of your virtual meetings, classrooms and webinars.

EagleFire makes having your own virtual conferencing service easy. You can livestream or add your recorded video content, chat with followers, do webinars or use it as a virtual meeting place for your organization. Unlike centralized video conferencing services where everyone signs up on the same service with servers all over the world, your virtual conference service is independent, private, hosted in the USA and exclusive to you.

Photos And Files Storage.
Get precise access and sharing control of your digital property.

Say goodbye to your videos and photos being stuck on your smartphone's proprietary services. The core of EagleFire is your own online storage service you control. Your smartphone videos and photos automatically upload, save and sync to your storage service after every snapshot with strict encryption. Everything you share is given precise permissions so you know who and when someone accesses what you shared. You can access all your personal files and more through your preferred web browser on your PC or apps on your smartphone, smart watch or tablet.

Free Office Suite.
Documents get done anywhere.

A powerful office suite supporting major document, spreadsheet and presentation file formats is always available. Used by over 200 million people daily, you can create, edit and collaborate on documents on your PC, laptop or right in your web browser. All layouts and file formats are preserved allowing you to focus on your work - not converting documents from one expensive office suite or version to another.

Protect Your Inalienable Rights Online.
Your God-given life, your rights, your EagleFire.

Every EagleFire is hosted on its own Virtual Private Server exclusive to its owner. The right amount of storage depends on how you and your family use your devices and what you want available at any moment. EagleFire includes a personalized web address, automatic backups, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and military-grade security protection, and 24/7/365 monitoring to make sure it stays online. When you reach your storage limit, you can request more or request a portion of your data be archived to a secured device and shipped to your residence.

An individually owned and sovereign service. Free is not freedom.

EagleFire decentralizes common online services by providing ownership and control of them to individuals. Individual online security, privacy and no collection, analyzing and selling of personal data property without consent are natural human rights. Now you can stop unwarranted internet censorship and the collection, aggregation and selling of your personal information by preserving your individual sovereignty online. Only you can connect your EagleFire services with who you want while monitoring and managing everything. EagleFire is powered by Nextcloud and Matrix, two proven and powerful decentralized services secured by EagleFire's military-grade security.

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