State Of the Union: Hacks, Censorship and Cancel Culture
Information about you is in the wrong hands and the truth is censored. How do we get Truth, Justice and the original American Way back?

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Publius | April 03, 2021

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Are you ready to take back your basic liberties and personal privacy? Do you want freedoms based on the Rule of Law to return - a society governed by good people with good laws and uncorrupted Justice? The answers and actions to take are online, and the actions begin with standing up for our God-given liberties. We The People can defeat the fundamental flaw of mainstream media news sources and Big Tech services. The fundamental flaw of how they're made, who owns them and who controls them.

We have seen one data-information hack after another now for almost two decades. Critical information about us, from passwords and family photos to credit scores and healthcare records, are sitting in databases around the world for hackers and other bad actors to get their hands on. We all know this yet how many people are still using popular social networks and other Big Tech services thinking “it hasn’t affected me yet”. For those still hanging on to the status quo, here’s another Facebook hack for the books.

A user in a low level hacking forum on [March 27, 2021] published the phone numbers and personal data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users for free online. The exposed data includes personal information of over 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries, including over 32 million records on users in the US, 11 million on users in the UK, and 6 million on users in India. It includes their phone numbers, Facebook IDs, full names, locations, birthdates, bios, and — in some cases — email addresses. A Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider that the data was scraped due to a vulnerability that the company patched in 2019. Did you read that right? “…due to a vulnerability that company patched in 2019”. Translation: the fix in 2019 didn’t work and now it’s happened again in 2021. (Facebook Hacked Again, April 2021). This is a tiresome war on our lives.

The Genius Design Of 1776

Instead of finding a permanent solution we are getting bombarded with bandaids. VPN (Virtual Private Network) radio and website Ads, a “Life Lock” software or yet another conservative social network clone debuting on the weekly radio show or podcast. Too many new companies have recreated the problems and given them a conservative paint job in the marketplace rather than permanently solving them. The time to solve this is overdue, so let’s solve this once and for all. To start, examine what happens when we apply the Fundamental Rights given to us by our Creator to what we do online, our social network posts, messaging, etc. We have seen what happens when they are used as the basis to a Republican form of government. It's how the USA was made and became the best nation in world history. What happens when we apply the supreme laws of our nation and its fundamentals to our online services? We see the genius of the decentralized and federated design the Founders architected, and that all our liberties and freedoms are inherently protected from the tyranny of governments, hackers and deceptive large corporations. In other words: having ownership and control over our individual rights, the right to personal property ownership and other good-moral civil liberties are the keys to keeping our liberties online.

An Old Foe With New Skin

Dictatorships, communism, socialism and other similar forms of government are centralized control of a people by an elite few. We see this happening in "cancel culture" as large companies across many industries, from mainstream media to major sports leagues, use their corporate policies dictated from their Boards of Directors. These policies are an attempt to force us to accept and do things we disagree with and are truly wrong, thus changing the morals of our society and fabric of our country. They are using media and the data they collect about us across our use of Big Tech’s services to see who is listening to their messages, and who is doing what they want. They are acting just like Big Centralized Governments. They are an old foe (WWI/WWII communists) with a new skin (Globalist Corporations). Global Communism seems to have no bounds and we appear to be powerless. Until now.

Speak Up, Rise Up And Take Back Your Liberties

You are the cure to these problems. You can do one action that will have a large impact: get  ownership and control of information about you. How? By having your own online services and all the data about you residing in a place online you own and control. It's like owning your own home and property rather than renting a small apartment. Emails, messaging, social networking, photos, all of it needs to be controlled by us just like other property we own. As more of us do this we are decentralizing the entire internet and taking back the power the global governments and large corporations have over us. We The People are the cure when we take responsibility for ourselves, refuse to give up our liberties, and stop conceding our freedoms for conveniences promised to us if we “just comply”. We must stop cancel culture from replacing good absolute moral values for immoral ones.

The Power Belongs To You, Not Them

The Founders of America gave the government power to you. It's all outlined in the Constiution and the Bill of Rights. The same goes for our states. What will you do? Will you walk away from online slavery as large corporations collect more and more data about your entire life, force you into their compliance, and sell you to the highest bidder? From taking photos of you when you check-out at the store cash register, to the camera at each stoplight, to the healthcare data regarding a vaccine, they enslave you more and more as your data is used against you. We encourage you to reclaim your liberties today. Our children's future, your future and our country’s future depends on it. 

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