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Today we're thrilled to announce the official launch of EagleFire! We have much in store for new and existing customers and an exciting new direction for online services.

EagleFire News
Tom Niewulis | October 25, 2018

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CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio, October 25 2018 -- After a few years of research and development and collaboration with premiere digital service providers, EagleFire Mobile announced the launch of their company today and debut of core services. 

A team of seasoned professionals in telecommunications, retail technology, Artificial Intelligence and online services have banded together to bring America a unique new company focused on a whole new way to experience mobile and online services with American superlative product quality. "The launch of EagleFire represents where we're heading as collective individuals and as a company - the leader in providing customer-centric online services right here in America", says Scott Andrews, Founder and CEO of EagleFire Mobile.  

With many online service companies offshoring the making of their product lines and development of software, EagleFire is taking a fresh approach. The company's debut service product, named after the company, is 100% owned, operated and hosted in the USA. The software powering EagleFire is an open-source collaboration of highly skilled people around the world. The company has combined essential mobile services with large demand under one roof and are providing something an increasing number of American consumers want: a company that has the same American values they do and have products built around them. Namely, products owned and controlled by the customer, not a Big Tech company. To that point, the customer can access the source code anytime ensuring it's integrity and security.

"Imagine buying a car and never being allowed to open the hood, change the tires, or to just check something out to ensure everything is ok. That's how most technology companies ensure their control over customers. We believe and act different. When we set out to build the next great American technology company, we bucked the trend and made the commitment and investment to source as much of our talent and systems in the United States as possible while being a good neighbor to others in their sovereign nations," says Andrews. "By producing products and services right here in America that anyone has rights to own and maintain themselves, this company is really a representation of what it means to experience original American made with individual property rights," Andrews says. "We believe this is a brand people will have a deep personal connection with. A brand that is looking out for their good knowing we believe in the founding principles of this great nation and are committed to doing the best work for them. It's what American made is - be a good neighbor."

The EagleFire brand is built around the American Idea that individual sovereignty and liberty is the foundation to a good successful life, and the journey of accomplishment should be mentored, celebrated and honored. "The very personal path of holding to cardinal values and becoming successful by mastering the smallest details of skills is really the most American thing we could represent," says Andrews. "We haven't been perfect, however we have a good history deep-rooted in the amazing discovery the American founders made. Many have not been properly taught this or have been deceived into ideals that destroys them. We're here to bring them superlative life experiences only these freedoms can produce."

Founded in Chagrin Falls, Ohio USA, EagleFire is a reflection of the environment in which it was created. Northeast Ohio is becoming a center of a return to American founding values and principles, entrepreneurial manufacturing and digital innovation. EagleFire is quickly becoming a pioneering enterprise to emerge from this scene.

"While we're proud to call Chagrin Falls home we're even more excited to represent the best of who we are as Americans," Andrews said. "And we're eager to shine the spotlight on the collaborative, innovative spirit that has allowed EagleFire to evolve so quickly." The company will be focusing on the launch of it's debut services, manufacturing innovation and leading a rediscovery of the American Way. What a breath of fresh air in times we're all living through.

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