Do you want your personal liberties everywhere you go? No tracking, surveillance or ads? Are your emails, photos and texts stuck with the Big Tech services on your smartphone?

Let's solve the Big Mobile Frustration once and for all with one simple decision and action.

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Today we are happy to announce a streamlined experience on our website,

We made getting a service plan easier by reducing the steps required to finish the checkout process of our online store. Also, new customers can now get their EagleFire Mail account as they pay for their order.

We invite you to join us in preserving your online liberty today. More is coming from the EagleFire team!


We are pleased to announce EagleFire Mail is officially ready for everyone! Get off Big Tech and get your email based in America with liberty and 15GB of storage. Automatic end-to-end strict encryption with no user data access (e.g. we can't read your emails). It's 100% anonymous: no IP logging, tracking or scanning for advertisers. Spam policy, blacklisting and whitelisting control. Annual subscription available today.

Today we will be at the Medina County Friends And Neighbors event speaking about Big Tech and our personal data rights. Hope to see you there!

You have God-given rights. You are not a product. Declare and get your personal data property rights and restore your online liberties today with EagleFire.

Learn how EagleFire preserves your liberties and provides personal data rights. Get a quick overview by viewing this picture.

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We are pleased to announce EagleFire Mail is now available.

A professional grade email service, every subscriber gets an account included with their EagleFIre subscription. Please direct message us for details.

A hearty welcome to our new followers! We continue to grow well with many more coming. Please continue to share your feedback as we make EagleFire a thoroughbred All-American online service.


The core values of Heroscout are based on natural laws.

Our main core value is rebuilding and reenforcing the nucleus of society, the Family (man, woman and children). Please read this article to understand why it is declining and what to do about it.

"So what’s the solution for a concerned individual or family? It’s not political. Instead it' independence..local connections.. and critical thinking."


All new EagleFire service plans have been released today.

From individuals and families to radio shows and other media influencers, there's an EagleFire service plan to meet everyones personal data hosting, media and online business needs.

Enjoy your holiday weekend in the land of the free and home of the brave! Let's make the 244th year of the USA an amazing one together!

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Do you think businesses and politicians should use popular centralized social networks for "successful" social media campaigns?

We don't. We believe that's a terrible idea for a variety of reasons.

Consider the following credible news article. We have much more truth and evidence about social media, and will share more soon.

It's time for a new and better way to connect, and own our personal data.


Our time has come as the battle of our Republic carries on. Take your stand, declare online independence and spread liberty's fire with EagleFire. Together we can win like no other American generation before.

We have many speaking events, workshops and new delightful experiences in the works! Follow hashtag as we spread the love of God, family and our country, and forge a new way for America to become once again.


A new major feature has been added to all Scout plans: the ability to have your own social network!

Instead of "Follow us on Facebook" or Instagram, Twitter, etc., how about "Follow us" with a link to YOUR social network?

Yep, that's all it takes. Then followers can add your network to their federated networks on or wherever they use the Mastodon social experience.

Check it out, tell your friends!

We are excited to announce our official new home here on EagleFire Nation! Follow us to get announcements, news, tips and plenty more each week. One independent experience for everyone who wants it is now available. Tell your family, friends and neighbors - online independence is here!

EagleFire Nation

You have natural, God-given rights. You were created with unique skills and talents to contribute towards a better sovereign nation. You are not a product. Why use apps and services that take away those rights and treat you otherwise? Welcome to a national online community dedicated to preserving and empowering truth, tradition and the original American way everywhere you go.

Much more than a social experience, EagleFire is a new way of thinking about where your personal data resides and how your online services work. Enjoy a new way to experience independently owned and operated social networks, your own messaging and photos storage apps, and a lot more. It's all part of EagleFire's suite of online services.

On a mission to get your Personal Data Rights with online independence.

EagleFire Nation accounts are free and always will be - just like your God-given freedom of speech. To get started, request an invite for your free account and tell us why you want online independence. This helps us make the best experience for you.

You can complete your online independence anytime by purchasing an EagleFire service plan. A service plan empowers you to host your own app services including your own social network, secured private messaging, VOIP audio and video calls, photos and file storage and much more.

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